i have responded to other threads in this forum and talked about a guided surf tour in nicaragua. the company is Surfari charters. the website is surfandfish.com i have stayed with them four times and scored each time all the time. they give you first class service and uncrowded line ups which is the best. they only take two groups of 4 people 8 total and try not to put you all in the same lineup like other camps. there are so many surf spots, probably around 15 within 20 mins that they get you on. they take care of all your transportation, so you dont have to worry about what spot to hit up next, their local knowledge gets you on uncrowded surf groomed by the constant offshore winds that bless this area of nica, they take you fishing and surfing by boat every other day, and i have caught sails, wahoo, tuna, dorado, mackerel, etc. its all you can eat, all you can drink. and they do there best and you feel welcome. its run by a husband and wife from flagler U, they have a great recipe. i loved it and i think you all should look into it, just check the website and see what you think. these are cool people that gave my bro and i the four best vacations of our lives thus far thats why i rave about them. www.surfaricharters.com