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    A few words on the Alaia from Xylem Surfboards

    Hey, Josh here from Xylem Surfboards. Summer is on its way! Yes!

    Just thought a few folks out there might be glad to hear about what I do.
    My company, Xylem Surfboards grew up in the soil of Hawaii and is now in Wilmington, NC. While in Hawaii, I was able to do first hand research of the ancient surfboards. My designs are true replicas of the actual alaia's that remain from ancient Hawaii. Through much research, I've honed in some great riding boards that are an absolute blast to ride. Just to mix it up, I've added models like the "Capacitor" that have some modern additions.
    There's absolutely no comparison to a well made Alaia. There are many people making them these days, but few are made correctly and, in turn, ride poorly. Accuracy in design, performance, quality and durabilty are our primary objectives.
    Our motto is "Ride Clean". We live it. See for yourself. If you see a Xylem alaia in the lineup, ask the owner if you can ride it. Likely, they'll let you. That's the kind of customer I sell to and that's the kind of company I run.

    no fin no leash no rocker no toxins no regrets.
    Simply a raw and uncomplicated ride. Pure and freeing as the unnessisary is stripped away.

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    I am glad to hear about what you do.

    If I buy a Hawaii grown board from you, can you grow some Hawaii surf here?

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    i saw someone on one of those boards on the south end of WB. it had a leash that was just a piece of twine haha. pretty sweet.