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    the swell is coming

    Looks like we might get double overhead next week. keeps your eyes on it.

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    It droped a little but it should still be good.. Any one going south? the wife and I are thinking of camping at packery and surfing cc and port-a.

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    wishing & waiting, Texas
    Took my port a trip couple weeks ago.. just gonna be surfing gtown and surfside all week... have a little fun on the small waves

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    Looks like its all gunna be to choppy. Most likly gunna wait for the channel here in surfside to break. On swells like this it breaks better in the channel. Its gunna be crowded at jettie park if it does break in there. theres a park behind jettie park, best place to park.... walk the jetties and get out at your car

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    Coming in on the weekends. The good swell is next week.
    4/30-5/3 head/over. Be on It!!! It's about to get good!!!

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    I hope yall scored I know i did...
    Very good weekend. The weather and surf was great.