Hey guys, I got a set of the FCS Hynson Quad Fins for sale. These fins are brand new, never even put on a surfboard. They are glass flex and retail for $84. Im looking to sell them for $60. I can meet anywhere in Jersey or in the Philly area. Any questions let me know. I'll throw up a pic of them later on tonight.

This is what FCS has to say about them:

"The FCS HQ fin set was designed by world renowned shaper Mike Hynson. The large side fins feature a long base and full tip providing execptional drive and hold whil the medium-sized rear fin with an 80/20 foil offers control on the open face and quick release through turns."

Base: 4.65in.
Depth: 4.76in.
Area: 16.62sq.in.

Base: 4.03in.
Depth: 4.07in.
Area: 12.06sq.in.