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Are we seriously STILL talking about this? I'm tired of hearing oh this site is free. this site this...this site that....BLAH BLAH BLAH. Get off the admins **** already Who ****ing cares. I for one am tired of reading these stupid ass posts. Frankly, I do not need this site in any shape or form....I have eyes....I only use this out of boredom....As of lately...this site has gone to ****. And, I'm not talking about the reports...they are what they are...Where's all the oldschool members? I remember when this site used to be fun. Now it's just a express your feelings forum...WHAAA WHAAA.

This site needs new moderators...ones that can actually moderate this site. This place is out of control.

with that being said LET THE FLAMES BEGIN. And I could really care less if anyone has a problem with my post.

I cant be on here 24/7 and if i see something or someone getting out of hand I use my best judgment. If I have to second think my decison I usually contact Swellinfo. Yeah I do agree with you . These thread are kinda getting old if people are only gonna come on here and make post about complaining or bashing the site there are other forum they can go to .

If anyone see's something that is out of hand or someone spaming the site they should contact Swellinfo or one of the other admins or myself to hand the situation as fast as we timely can