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    SW winds?....i wouldn't get too crazy about this swell event....sounds like a repeat of 2-3 weeks ago when everyone on this site collectively lost their sh!t...

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    F !! these optimistic forecasts, i am heart broken to see sun and mon go from chest clean to **** and barley clean

    douche nozzles!!

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    I need some f***king surf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mOtion732 View Post
    I need some f***king surf.
    Were you not able to surf on Monday or Tuesday?

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    Just throwing in my 2 cents. April and early may are always flat on the east coast. Its has been for as long as I can remember. This time of year is always the worst flat spell of the year. Mid to late may there is usually some kinda swell, almost gods little gift before the flatness of summer. Like june, ughhhhh, you pray for thigh high shorebreak

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    You jinxed it !!!!

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    Saturday thru Monday!

    ....over time, i think that swellinfo seems to provide the most accurate info (for most locations), - i thought that was due to that fact that magic seaweed's data was coming from buoys placed in open water in deeper locations. am i correct?

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    ill believe it when i see it

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    We get tons of SW wind swell down here in the Southeatern NC and I have learned not to get too hyped up about them. There is only one spot that works because of a breakwall that blocks the drift and some wind coming from that direction. Most of the other spots are side shore drifty peaks that are mushy rights and walled up sectiony lefts. We cant fcuking buy NW winds down here and if we could I would be one broke as s nugga!

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    April being flat is just not true. For the past 3 years, we have had a huge Northeaster which produced the best swell of the year. WE are overdue for a storm and it will happen sooner than later, I have faith I'll surf again.