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    Summers on the way

    im trying to score a board for summer i ride a 6'4 ezera ez-2 but dont really like how it feels in small waves or how well it catches em.. usually when its below chest i ride my dads old 6'0 Aton single fin.. love how it paddles and can do well in small waves but i want something a little faster and that i can rip a little harder.. I just stumbled upon the
    it looks really cool to me any opinions on it? im 5'10 and about 150lbs

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    no joke just get a boogie board and ride anywere u want to during the day

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    How much are you willing to spend?

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    Well im broke now so this is pretty speculative but i would like to find somethin used for less than 300

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    . . . you shouldn't count your ducats until they're earned.

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    Where are you located?