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    Walden mini magic or Mccoy

    Just wondering if anyone out there has input on either the Walden mini magic or the Mccoy nuggett. I am thinking about getting either one as a "funboard" for my quiver. I am looking for something with good paddling(rotator cuff injury...right now need all the help I can get) but also a decent turning board. Currently my go to longboard is an 9'0 Infinity cluster. I am not yet sold on either board and any recommendations are appreciated.

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    I also am looking at the WMM & super wide...any idea what shops carry the Mccoy nuggett in the delmarva area?


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    - You might try or to find a dealer in your area. Globalsurf makes the china version of the wmm.

    - have you heard any feedback good or bad on this board?

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    Mini Magic is sweet

    Hey guys maybe I can shed some light on the subject. I have a 7'0 Walden Mini magic which I bought 3 years ago on the eastern end of LI. At that time I was looking for a more funshaped board that wouldn't sacrifice performance. Originally it was the choice between the Channel Islands Waterhog or the Mini Magic. Honestly I couldn't be more stoked.

    The MM has a fully rounded nose, with concave up front so you may even be able to sneak a couple toes over the front on occasion. It has a little bit of rocker up front for the bigger days and handles well because of its kinda squared off rails on those bigger days. Paddles well and really does take off on anything from ankle high to head or so. Nice and thick but fast. Some people will say you can surf it like a real longboard, but its not something you can walk without being really light and quick. However you can sit out there with the other longboards and get the same waves with a little push. It has the adjustable fin box soo if you through a bigger single fin in, it can add to an already sweet stick.

    Mine has seen the west coast and basically all of LI, shes a little banged up, which is the one down side of having a glossy finish, but if you can look past the aesthetics to see the performance, I would say good on ya.

    Hope that helps
    Have a good summa

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    Thanks Bo-Bo,

    I'm seriously looking @ the 7'4" Walden "super wide"....

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    Thanks Bo-Bo! I have heard you can take this board into basically any conditions according to Walden. Do you find that to be true? Yes, I have a few boards but tend to gravitate to one "go to" board. Could this be the new go to.... sort of one board quiver? Also, I am around 155 lbs would you go with the 7 or the 7'6" for my size? BTW I was just down in Montauk and caught a nice swell.