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    Photos Tuesday BIP4-27-10

    Some photos from Tuesday 4-27-10 BIP 4-27-10

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    nice rainbow capture. everything works well in that shot; the pier, the sky, the surfer and the waves.

    I really like that simpleviewer flash gallery. I downloaded but haven't messed around with it yet. Is it easy to use?

    Do you link it to your flickr (or other online gallery) or do you you put them in manually.

    nice shots

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    Thanks Sirius. I downloaded the Simple Viewer script into my Photoshop once you do that to create a "gallery" you put in your input folder which would be your gallery & output folder which you would create a folder wherever you host your site. I don't have a Flick'r account set up but I'm sure it's pretty flexible. I hope this makes a little sense & helps I'm not all that tech savy.