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    Quote Originally Posted by Scobeyville View Post
    OBX is awesome, but lacks women....well good looking women.
    there's women- get an English to Russian phrase book

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    Go to nova scotia..alittle longer of a drive but definately an adventure. I heard that they are shutting the cat down or shut it down. Its the high speed ferry that leaves from maine so check that out before you go.

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    do you need a passport for canada?

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    How far?

    How long is the drive from Jersey to Nova Scotia? Just curious, was thinking about driving up there myself.

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    Don't go to hatty... Its overrated and you will have a terrible time.

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    Head out to Montauk. Its probably not too bad of a drive from North Jerz and I believe there's some campgrounds in the area.

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    I vote for Wrightsville/Wilmington!

    My buddies and I went on a trip like this my sophmore year of HS to outer banks. My mom told me I was not to go no matter what and I pretended like nothing was up until that night. I had all my gear hidden in the garage and literally grabbed it and ran to my buddies jeep around the corner while my mom was chasing and screaming at me... Looking back that was a ridiculous move. I borrowed my buds cell phone and called my mom and all she said was that I would pay the price when I got home.

    Anyway, all I thought about the whole time we were down there was the "price" I would pay... but we scored the first two days and got skunked the third and fourth. Got home and the "price" was having to worry about the "price" the whole time I was down there and she took away my board for the first month of summer. Borrowed a buddies board and stashed it at a friends house and still got to surf. If I could go back I would do it again...
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