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It's against my religion to pay to get on the beach. How can you privatize the ocean? The northeast is one massive prison with entirely too many laws and taxes. In North Carolina, beaches are non-jettied, beautiful and free to the public. New York and New Jersey are a nightmare in the summer and it's sad.
DKH76 ur dead on. I don't understand why I should have to pay for a place that is a natural area. How can someone come in and say this beach is ours. It is a public area that was there before any development was. Now yes I know there has to be some way to pay for cleanup and other things... but there has to be a better way then telling people they have to pay to come onto what should be public land. My point being that they are proposing a hike in beach badge prices to compensate for Sandy. I believe that if you live along the beach you acknowledge the risk you are living in a place that SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN DEVELOPED. Why should I have to pay more to help you recover? Especially when I hear that in some communities the things meant to help such as dunes were actually SHOT DOWN by the community... You chose to place your house on a parcel of land who's definition is essentially an area meant to keep water from flooding the mainland... these barrier islands are constantly moving and shifting. I understand people want to live along the beach and it is a great place but you also have to realize where you live. I don't believe that I should have to pay to be on a piece of land that should have been left alone from the very beginning. These areas should have been left as natural habitats and never developed. They could have been national parks or things of that nature but never should have been developed. Just my thoughts.