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Thread: Beach Badges

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    i just hate surfers that think mother nature will sponsor them with free beaches, without a big payment forward. Just follow the tracts of the bigger-then-sandy (destruction wise) storms this fall, and their following the path of corruption, filth and dirt. Above the mason dixon line is all vermin and swine as far as im concerned,, besides a few family members and funny guys around the poker table.
    Without the Northeast this country would cease to exist...we run this country you jackass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniffer View Post
    Without the Northeast this country would cease to exist...we run this country you jackass
    Sniffer, I know this wasn't directed at me. However, I'm pretty sure Trevolution is form Connecticut. He just attended school at UNCW. Makes all this northern bashing a little weird. BTW I was born and raised in Syracuse and lived 5 years in Buffalo. Talk about landlocked... Those two cities might not be the a$$hole of the world but they are right on the pucker.

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    i was bashing the north strictly for the fact that the majority of people there don't like to pick up trash. That is all. Walk around the streets in a Northern City, and compare it to a city of similar population size and population density as a city in other areas of the country. Im sorry to bring on the hate guys, but sometimes the only thing that can wake people up is a slap in the face. Im not saying you as surfers don't pick up trash, I'm just saying unless the area of the country where I spent the first 18 years of my life (ie new england) learns to clean up their game, theres gonna be a lot more water up there and a lot less people according to the sea level inundation projections I have done on ARCGIS programs.

    So next time you see a guy throw a cig on the ground, even if hes bigger and meaner then you, tell him to pick it up. Or mother nature won't be happy.

    all things must be balanced, and when the world is out of balance, the forces of nature correct it. Ever seen an evolutionary time line on a geographic time scale? Mass extinctions produce evolution in quick bursts (the predominant theory proposed by scientists as of now) opposed to the linear, gradual process we learned about in grade school. May God Help Us All.
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    Wasn't being sarcastic... I really didn't know what you meant. Thanks. I'll check it out

    Quote Originally Posted by NJAZguy View Post
    Not sure if you're being sarcastic or serious. Check it out though. It works.

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    The majority of homes that flooded in NY are not on barrier islands. The bay flooded entire neighborhoods. I understand what you're saying about homes on the beach. But that's not where the most damage is (in New York anyway)

    Quote Originally Posted by lefty1703 View Post
    DKH76 ur dead on. I don't understand why I should have to pay for a place that is a natural area. How can someone come in and say this beach is ours. It is a public area that was there before any development was. Now yes I know there has to be some way to pay for cleanup and other things... but there has to be a better way then telling people they have to pay to come onto what should be public land. My point being that they are proposing a hike in beach badge prices to compensate for Sandy. I believe that if you live along the beach you acknowledge the risk you are living in a place that SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN DEVELOPED. Why should I have to pay more to help you recover? Especially when I hear that in some communities the things meant to help such as dunes were actually SHOT DOWN by the community... You chose to place your house on a parcel of land who's definition is essentially an area meant to keep water from flooding the mainland... these barrier islands are constantly moving and shifting. I understand people want to live along the beach and it is a great place but you also have to realize where you live. I don't believe that I should have to pay to be on a piece of land that should have been left alone from the very beginning. These areas should have been left as natural habitats and never developed. They could have been national parks or things of that nature but never should have been developed. Just my thoughts.

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    Wow, all this because of an ancient thread from 3 or more years ago?

    But, I guess the point is the same--beach badges apparently still suck.

    I'm not sure any region of this country can seriously claim the country would cease to exist without them....

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    Beach tag season is mid june to labor day at least on LBI. I find the easiest way to get by the badge hasslers is to say your mom/gf/whoever has it on her bag and then point to a random person across the beach, most are to lazy or could careless to take the conversation any further, and if they say something, just be like hold on, I ll go get it..and then just walk down the beach...

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    Trevolution, you are the craziest mix of naivety, awareness, ignorance, education, and hypocrisy I've witnessed on here. Some good stand-alone ideas and statements, but the word vomit just keeps spewing like some poorly written computer program designed to debate. I'm fascinated.

    Beach badges suck, but I appreciate well maintained beaches. The maintenance is a cruel necessity when accommodating the volume of tourists that NJ beaches do.