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    Winds question for Mr. Swellinfo

    Hey Swellinfo,

    For the current conditions on forecast page of Long Beach, NY where you give weather, wind direction/speed, bouy data and tides....What source do you use for wind direction and speed? Is there a anemometer in Long Beach your using? How often is that updated?


    PS Love the site!

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    Hi Nick,

    The station that is used is the closest available weather or buoy station to provide the most accurate wind data.

    For Long Beach, the station used is FARMINGDALE REPUBLIC AIRPORT. Here is the web page:

    That station is about 5 miles inland... This of course is a bit tricky.... because even though it is the closest station, being 5 miles inland can often weaken the wind speeds...

    The closest buoy however, is about 15-20 miles offshore, which can often have discrepancies as well, especially with the land/sea breezes.

    The best available information to use, is all of the above... And, to do this on Swellinfo, you can look on the Buoy Data Maps in the center of the page. There you can hover over all of the station icons, and get data for all nearby stations.

    I hope this helps.