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Thread: *F**ING Punks.

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    retard, get a clue or shut the f up until your out of your 20's and have any room to talk trash...

    Quote Originally Posted by LOSTsoul View Post
    btw if i see any of you greasy little boogie boarders in monmouth county riding a yellow trek road bike, look out for a swift beating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaveHog View Post
    Hey man look at it this way. Some poor kid who couldn't afford a bike now has a sweet bike to enjoy. You weren't using it anyway.

    Write it off on your taxes as a donation to charity.

    No disrespect to you, but **** that poor kid. I hope he falls off his stolen bike and sustains a head injury that leaves him a drooling retard.

    Lots of poor people actually get jobs and lift themselves out of poverty.

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    I'm sorry to hear about that. It really sucks that they touched your boards. I would also be pissed that the cops didn't even show up.

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    lostsoul is an irate troll. ignoring him is your best policy.

    it sucks when people screw with your possessions, and you can't leave them out on your porch, but it happens everywhere. whether you live in the ghetto or in a million dollar neighborhood you can never trust anyone to keep away from your stuff if it comes across their eye. it is also hard though sometimes when you don't have space to put your bike, or boards so i can sympathize. i bring my board in the house. in my bedroom even. i wouldn't expect anyone to take a bike inside their house though, and track grease all over the floors, or carpet.

    also i can see this thread has been sidetracked into the illegal alien debate. not blaming zach, because i don't think he was trying to stir up a debate her about illegal mexicans, but i can see others did. i myself have mixed feelings on illegal aliens, but i think if you wanna play the whole illegal card then stop singling out mexicans. there are plenty of illegals here from europe, and canada, but the only ones talked about, the ones that everyone makes the problem are solely mexicans. as if there aren't loads of polish, and russians coming out in the summertime working over here. most mexicans are bad people though. most blacks are too. so are most asians, and in fact most whites too! there is one race that stands out though that creates all the problems in this world, and the responsible race is the human race.

    also it's funny that the whole illegal alien debate is picking up faster than ever now. it's like obesity. with all the talk all over about obesity, and how it's such issue, and epidemic you would americans just started becoming overweight in the last two years. as if they haven't already been for the last 30 years. same with illegal aliens. it's not like they just started flooding the country last year. i won't sidetrack this any further though. wherever you live you can't trust anyone to not come up to your porch, and steal any possessions of yours. whether you live in south central la, or beverly hills. i can sympathise with you though zach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooseknuckle View Post
    My 3rd grade education does not allow me to red some of these lengthy posts. But if im not mistaken isint Zach619 the dude that was telling everyone last year about how he got some job in san diego and how he ws leaving the east coast anf bragging about it???? good ridents dude u got robbed cuz u left your poop on the porch. next time lock it up brah..

    right coast for life u stupid kook

    I am pretty sure you have me confused with someone else.
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