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    Dont you love it when...

    You go down to your favorite spot on the cliffs to surf today because its a nice 5 feet and clean out. And when you pull into the parking lot, you notice that there are little white signs everywhere. Then you walk u pto one and read it, and it says "Great White Sharks spotted in the surf".... Yes, the signs look like someone printed them from home using microsoft word... But then you think, well someone that really wants a smaller crowd either printed all these as a joke, or the lifeguards are lazy and just posted mad signs... And I know that in the past, in the spring, I have seen Lifeguards post the signs when they spot a big boy, so they do it.... But its like, man, I sure do love pulling up to a spot and seeing that. Especially since the lineup for the spot you are surfing is like, I dunno, 800-1000 yards out to sea... Can you say, AWESOME.... No, but I can say that I drove back up to the pier and surfed closed beach breaks....

    I know that most guys are always like, "Sh** bro, they are out there. It is what it is. Dont worry about it"... Yeah, thats easy to say... But if you roll up to 48th street tomorrow and the Guard is like dude, we have been seeing this 18ft Tiger Shark circling the break all morning, so be careful out there... Its like, yeah... Sure, see you out there... fu**ing maniacs.

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    Eddie would go.

    But seriously, I'd take it far south if some hungry tiger was roaming midtown.