I ordered a Matuse 2mm s/s wetsuit for the summer and it does not fit me very well. I wear Large in Ripcurl/Xcel and found that this suit runs a little small. Probably equivalent to a Medium/Medium Large in other major brands. Anyway, Im looking to sell the suit since it does not fit. It's still brand new in the box, has yet to touch salt-water. The suit sells for $280 new on the website + shipping, I'll take $200. I'd prefer to just get cash back rather then manufacturer credit.

Matuse is considered an environmentally friendly wetsuit, it is made with "geoprene" which is limestone based as opposed to neoprene which is petroleum based (see current oil spill crisis in gulf).


* Geoprene is derived from 99.7% pure limestone. Itís warmer (98% water impermeable compared to the standard 69%), lighter and lasts longer than oil-based neoprene. Itís also kinder to Mother Nature since it wastes less biomass and comes from a sustainable resourceónot petroleum. Geoprene is exclusive to Yamamoto Corporation and Matuse, Inc

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