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Thread: New Music

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    Have you checked out the loved ones? Great.

    Also Gaslight Anthem has been getting a lot of plays on me pod.

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    circa survive, saosin, death on wednesday (misfits meets morrisey), riverboat gamblers, the sleeping (sounds a lot like rise against)

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    I don't really listen to new music much lately. Someone mentioned Rise Against, and I got their newest album as well as all of their others. It's been out almost two years now, but I still dig it. I been listening to them for years now. Ever since they put out their first album. Seen them a lot, and they are great. It's very rare that I still enjoy music from bands who I love who change their style significantly when signed by a major label. Rise Against hasn't changed a much as some, but they have a bit. Regardless I still get into the new stuff. I been listening to a lot of Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies first LP, Minor Threat, Cro Mags[Mostly Age Of Quarrel] Sick Of It All, SOA, DRI, Circle Jerks. thats the stuff I been listening to for years. A lot of Hardcore Punk, and Crossover pretty much. It never gets old to me.

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    Dude, i agree 100%. Rise against is like my favorite band right now. Like, every track they have ever made is just SICK! It is the ultimate surf music. It makes me want to go punt one like 30 feet! I crank that up on the way to a session. Once I finally edit all my surf video footage, I am definately using a rise against track in the background. Its is PERFECT surf music. Gets me sooo amped. I didn't know who they were until about 5 years ago when I saw all these little kids with tight black jeans and rise against shirts... They get mad air play out here too. We have 3 real rock stations and at any given moment, a rise against song in playing on one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ SPONGIN View Post bout slipknot, bloc party, breaking benjamin, picture me broken, chevelle, coheed & cambria.

    wow never thought id hear slipknot and bloc party menchioned in a row

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    i always like the fast beat music, but i also like to listen to:
    Tribal Seeds
    The Expendables

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    may not be for getting pumped up like slayer would....but Bag of Toys is WAY sick for cruising days

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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.

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    Story Of The Year.....Boy Sets Fire......Funeral For A Friend.......Haste The Day (older) In Flames, Killswitch Engage...........and not even kidding, any Hans Zimmer, like a soundtrack going into battle..........