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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovereign View Post
    Thanks yall, I've worn a pair of my friend's tech 9's or something and they literally make my ankles bleed when i take em out without socks haha. im definitely going to try to find a more comfortable pair.
    Tech's aren't bad... not quite as much thrust as a heavier fin though.

    You can't beat churchills man. And like SI said, always wear socks and you'll never have the problem of them tearing your feet up, and you won't lose them if they slip off. I seem to forget socks in the summer sometimes tho and have lost a few fins because of that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wontonwonton View Post
    Grow a pair and dont use fin socks. Buy the right fins and dont hassle with socks.
    Build up calices and ur set for life.

    This man knows what he's talking about

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjserpe View Post
    This man knows what he's talking about
    Sure if you want rotten flesh and scars. Traveling in Central America for many months the sores on my feet got bad enough to put a nickel and a quarter in each hole. At least I always had 60 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    You can get Vipers in 7" lengths as well as the 5". My preference for bodysurfing. I don't know much about bodyboarding, so on the rare occasion when I do it, anything works for me.
    The stiff blades Vipers are available in 5" and 7" blades and have Yellow Dots - there is also a flexible blade 5" model - look for the Orange Dot.

    The "Techs" are available in three basic models for surfing: Hydro Finz Original, Hydro Tech and Tech 2.

    Swim fins are highly personal due to blade lengths, widths, and stiffness; foot pocket comfort and size; floatability; and other factors. What is great for one can be awful for another person.

    I was a long time user of Churchills until the company reformulated their "rubber" and the fin became very hard and stiff. Now my favorite warm to cool water flipper is the Viper V5 Orange Dot and for cold water I use the Hydro Tech because of its very large foot pocket.

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    BZ Rubbers

    I am currently using BZ Rubbers without fin socks for the warmer months and use my other fins (Which are larger to allow booties to fit) for the colder months.. The BZ fins are soft and helps avoid ankle cuts, plus they fit snug. With any fin set that fits loose or are made of hard material then you will need fin socks. Go sockless and get soft fins that fit right.

    BZ or BSD equipment rules...

    I just looked them up and they go for $49.99
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