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    Go to Santa Teresa Beach

    So beautiful... white sandy beached and contsistently perfect waves! love love loved it
    I can reccomend the hotel where we stayed Bungalows super Vista.. they have houses and bungalows.. You have to go, you wont be disapointed!

  2. Jaco is only sketchy if you are looking for trouble or are easily disturbed by the type things that go on in high traffic tourist/party towns (sex and drugs). Otherwise, its not that bad and mostly a problem late night, when lots of alcohol and cocaine has been consumed. Stay out of trouble and you probably won't find any.

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    Playa Hermosa this time of year is bombing.The waves are really big for beginners.If you want good waves playa nossora is awesome.Villa Las Tegas is a great place to stay or casa da moonwalk.Ask for Sandy(jota)