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    Solar Power is amazing and in most cases isn't the primary electrical source. Square footage as you say is a huge factor. I have a very small house that is only about 1200 square feet. The panels don't put out that much energy. Therefore, you are more conscious of your power usage. You still have to make sacrifices to run on complete solar.

    My friend is a mechanic and he converted it to electric. He didn't have much experience, but he purchased a conversion kit. The price for the kit can range from 10K and up. The batteries can also be pricey. Your best to get a junked car that is very lightweight. That will help converse your battery charge and get the most out of your electric car. Besides the price of the kit, mechanics can charge from 3-5K labor for doing the conversion. I visited my friend a few times during the conversion and he did say that the beginner kits aren't that hard to follow. You can also buy already converted cars online or even ebay. Oh the car that is converted should be a manual transmission too. The automatic transmission will eat too much electricity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrels4liam View Post
    Even though it's not definite this will happen, it's still possible. This is really messed up.

    All these people are still for offshore drilling too. After the spill happened, they say it's not that bad and it's only a little bit of oil even though most of us knew that the amount of oil being spilled was far greater than we were being told. They say we still need offshore drilling because we are dependent on foreign oil. They actually want to build more rigs. Then, they say it's rare for a spill to happen and it's still not much oil that spilled to date. Now look where we are today. They are slowly turning against off shore drilling, but will still defend it. These people are clueless, brainwashed, morons.

    The statement they make about oil accidents being rare is a joke. Hey morons, it only takes one spill to ruin beaches and the ocean in that area for a lifetime! It all comes down to money including the dispersants used. They are salvaging the well for future profits and also profiting off using the dispersants. This is ridiculous and BP executives have to go to jail. They are so against imploding the well which was suggested 48 hours after the spill happened and this method is highly successful. Impodling a well will make it unusable and BP won't make any profits. It's always about money even when it comes to stopping an environment disaster. They always weigh money over everyone and everything else.
    Agreed,Im just as concerned with the dispersants they are using just as much as the oil.The ocean has been such a huge part of my life and I can't imagine not being able to do the things that I love doing anymore but it might be a reality soon.I hope that a few of you guys have change your views on offshore drilling off our coast.Human error does happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recycled Surfer View Post
    Thats horrible, hopefully it wont do any of that.