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    I havn't body boarded in 16 years but i would guess you make a smooth bottom turn find the part thats about to break and lean your head and shoulders into the wave pulling up on the opposite side front corner facing the wave. You should then let wave do the rest of the work as it will sling your butt back down the wave i guess haha

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    I know how frustrating this could be, I started out digging my inner hand(hand toward the face of the wave) into the water while being up higher on the board putting my fins up(crisscross for style) after that I slowly emerged not using my hand. Hope this helps.
    1. You want a good amount of time left on the wave
    2.You shouldn't be going too fast, slow yourself down doing a cutback
    3. As you feel you are following rules 1 and 2, make a slight (not sharp) turn towards the lip. Go about halfway up the wave, ( you should be at a very slight angle).
    4. Shift your body into the spin, turn your head toward where you want to go
    5. Very very quickly after step 4 you move your body up the board and fins out of the water, this creates momentum to very greatly help the spin
    6. As you go through your 180 then half way through the 180 going back to normal. Resume your normal prone position,and man it feels so good the first time you get it.!---
    *tip- Dont use to much muscle and strength I know its tempting ,but this will only threaten your success. Keep it relaxed and you'll get the spin of your life .
    Let me know if you get it -PS. So you understand step 5, sit in your computer chair, spin, and put your feet out straight, now quickly tuck in your legs toward your stomach, yayyy physics
    phew, now back to geometry homework
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