I've tried like a 1000 times to do a 360. I can't even do it in the white water. I get to 180 and then I usually just lose the wave. I'm putting pressure on the front of the board so it doesn't catch, but I can't even seem to get the board to ride going backwards. I basically just wipe out. Or if I'm on the wave, and try a 360...I turn the board right hard and fly off the lip of the wave! I'm completely useless. Could it have something to do with my board? I have no problems riding waves with it, but it's a little heavier than other boards. Would that effect my ability to do a 360. I know to keep my feet out of the water, but my board just doesn't seem to want to spin. Sometimes I just end skidding sideways and can't get around.
This is getting frustrating.

Any advice?