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Thread: NJ Forecast

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    NJ Forecast

    don't you love NJ? the forecast goes from headhigh to ankle high in 36 hours. swell-forecaster are like weathermen...they arent held accountable for being wrong, afterall, its not the people but the models but maybe being a little more conservative would be helpful. eventhough its summer, so i dont expect a headhigh wave for 3 months at;least, unless we get something tropical. ughhh...just had to vent

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    Yeah i Love It!
    I never get my hopes up anymore when its a head high a week away.

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    It's weather, brother. Mother Nature loves to play games. Aside from that, just try to remember that forecaster's are not psychics... they just interpret the data the computer models spit out. The models, in turn, (and correct me if I'm wrong) are based largely on historical patterns.

    BTW... did you get any Sunday night. The forecast was SPOT ON.

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    what is this bizarre entitlement that people seem to have in regards to waves? do you not realize just how lucky we are to be able to do this?? if you don't like where you live, move or travel more.
    i'm not gonna say that i don't get cranky when the surf is crappy for a long time, or that i don't get excited to see a good day or 2 forecasted out in advance or feel bummed when that forecast doesn't pan out. but to be so upset that you feel the need to come on to a website to piss & moan about it? c'mon! let's get real & get a sense of scale.
    we don't live in a war zone, such as the middle east. we don't live in a backwards totalitarian regime like china or n. korea. hell, we don't even live on the gulf of mexico, where countless barrels of crude oil are drifting unchecked offshore, just waiting to be washed onto the beaches & into the bayous. now THAT would be something worth whining about...

    sorry, i just had to vent.

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    njsurfer42 i couldn't agree any more

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    All that being said I'd settle for a some clean waist high. Never mind, I'm feeling guilty - How bout some knee high slop with a little push.