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    Surfers who skim, what do you think

    Just wondering what you guys think of surfers who skim board when its not surfable. Guys like Mike Morrisey, Beaker, and the Archbolds kill it on skim boards as well as any other board. I myself think its great for shorebreak kind of days when there is no wave cept the high tide dumper on the beach.

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    Haven't skim boarded in years. Ever since I fractured my foot.

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    Frank, what's up?! Did you try to PM me with no answer?

    I have no problem with skimming if you are having fun and not threatening injury to anyone.

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    skimmings awesome on shorebreak days.. but would much rather surf any time theres a thigh high bumb breaking

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    Whats up buddy, I wrote you back a while ago, I wanted to check up on you and see if you got the art inked and if you liked it.

    Def gonna try and skim when its not rideable more often. but definitely in secluded areas where no one is swimming. Not for their safety, Hide so no one can see a 31 year old skim board.