Good recollection article in this months The Surfers Journal by Gordon Howes on New Jersey beaches circa 1940s-current. Lots of cool photos and personal stories about Jersey and the changes throughout the years.

It is interesting to see the changes throughout the years at the Jersey shorepoints. My earliest memories are from the late 70's at my grandmothers homw in Avalon. She lived on 49th and at the time (as a 6 year old) it seemed like walking through a jungle to get to the beach. She fought development for years as the head of Avalons/Cape Mays environmental protection (a volunteer position at first) and used to take us out every spring and fall with the local school kids to plant dunes. I remember how proud we would be to see the dunes grow and know they we there to protect the community. Times have change. After her death we sold my grandmothers home which was eventually demoed for a monster home.

Enjoy your beach. Clean it up. And take lots of photos. Dont waste your time on kooks. Enjoy each session like its your last. One day you can pass one your recollection of the 2010-2030 era. The beach will not be the same in 20 years.

Any one else have recollections to share?