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    Yes, you are both right on with your thoughts. The rail volume and bottom contours are LIGHTYEARS different than my regular shortboards, which is exactly why the board flops out on a few turns... So rather than focusing on all these fins setups, I guess I should really reconsider the dimesions and rockers that my shaper will be using on this next board... I think you are right in thinking that the tail and rails are substantially thicker etc. than those on my shorties, so to expect the same response out of those dimensions is really asking too much....

    So, I guess I need to go to the plus one warehouse and look at like 1000 of their different little wide boards and try and find the design and contours that might allow me to surf the thing more like my thrusters.... I think I went a little to far on the fish side of things with the last hybrid....

    So, really what I should probably be looking for is a thinner, wider board than my last hybrid. I really like having a bit more width and volume in the front of the nose etc, because that really helps getting into to waves etc... Where all my little potato chips have the tiniest little nose areas with no volume to them... SO I think adding a little volume to the front and keeping the rails more round and thin like a shortboard may get me what I am looking for...

    And as far as the Bonzer Quads... You are right... I need to step into the new millenium and open my mind...

    But I am still in the "If it aint broke dont fix it stage"... As long as I can blow my fins out and tail slide, and whip these little thrusters around, it will be hard for me to think outside the box. I have geared all my surfing on the same boards for like 10 years now... It will be hard to change... But I am just worried that if all the sudden I am on a quad fin and an air section is approaching and I use my normal weight shift and body rotation to try and launch an air reverse, I think the whole release of the fins will be different. That 4th fin could get my hung up in the top of the lip rather than release... But on the other hand, I could be dead wrong, and maybe the fact that there is no center trailing fin, I may fly off the top of the section like a cannonball.... But the fear of the unknown may lead me to never knowing.... Someday...

    I need to beg obsurfshop to let me test a bunch of boards =)

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    most people are like you, zach. they ride them same type of boards all the time, whether it's a 5'10" twin keel fish or a 6'1" thruster (more on the latter, of course).
    i just get bored easily. i have ever since i got fed up w/ the mid-90's thrusters at age 16. so i got on a longboard. rode that exclusively for a while, then got on a modern fish, then a single fin egg, then a twin keel fish, then a 3 fin bonzer, then a 5 fin bonzer...i've pretty much stuck w/ 5 fin bonzers for a while now, but i've cycled a couple thrusters & other set ups thru.
    if i lived in southern california & had access to more consistent surf, i don't know if i'd be experimenting more or less.

    for your smaller wave board, maybe something like a white diamond/dumpster diver would be the ticket. both seem very similar to a standard shortie as far as volume distribution goes, but still more designed for smaller/gutless surf. i've only been able to feel up a dumpster diver, & it seems intriguing. just a suggestion...good luck w/ your search!