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    Said Waist to Chest high but is only knee high :(

    Hey the swell model from Southampton, LI (long island) said Waist to Chest high for this morning however, the surf is currently (this morning) about 1 foot, and about knee high. This is not a complaint since i love swellinfo and the free surf report just wondering why this may be and im curious myself... Maybe the onshore winds mess it up?? Thanks

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    same with rhode island. The forecast says 5.2 feet a 6 seconds at 9am and currently at 9am it's 3.3 feet at 6 seconds. That 2 feet makes a huge difference.

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    the forecasts didn't update with the latest data last night and this morning because of a minor bug - this has been fixed and as you can see the numbers are pretty close to the buoys right now.
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    c'mon guyz u shoulda bin able tuh figure this 1's not rocket science...and swellinfo ain purfect...maybe 99.9%, but not 100%...much better than surfline...

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    Well actually the buoy never dropped all day. It actually increased to about 4 feet at 7 seconds all day. Probably should have gone