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    So close yet so far away in costa rica

    My girlfriend is awesome but she doesn't know anything about waves. She booked us an all inclusive stay at a hilton resort in guanacaste costa rica which is amazing but it's on the bahia culebra which has no waves!! We're gonna be there for 4 days/5 nights in late July...i've done some research and playa grande looks like it's the closest place by road that would be good this time of year. Witch's rock is actually close but I dunno if i can charter a boat just for myself up there without it being super expensive. Anybody ever been around this area/have any advice on a car rental?

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    Playa del Coco should only be a few minutes away and you can charter a boat from there for relatively cheap to Witches Rock / Ollies Point(just take a walk around town you will find it). Try and jump in with a couple other people and it will be cheaper. They will also pick you up right in that cove your hotel is on I believe. As for rental cars just look around online in the Liberia area assuming thats where you are flying into. If you decide to try and drive to Witches Rock be sure to get a sturdy suv or pick up.

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    thanks for the advice i looked into charters in Coco and there's a place that will rent me a board and pick me up from my resort for a day trip up to ollie's/witch's for around 350 for 3 people. I just need to find somebody to share it with...I called the hotel too and they rent cars there at the resort, so my options are not so limited as i thought. I think i would rather rent a 4wd suv so then i could go anywhere, but i'm gonna be by myself so maybe not the best idea trying to get through the jungle, however kickass that sounds.

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    I was just there the beginning of March and stayed in Playa Grande, I opted to drive into Witches Rock, rather than spend the money for a boat, it wasn't that bad getting in there, you have to have 4WD though!! ...and there's crocs, we had to walk through a 25 yd. area of knee-high water in the dark when we were heading out....luckily, we didn't see one until we were in our truck headed up the road, and he was a big mutha!

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