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Thread: wha-wha-whale?!

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    no whale encounters for me... but a few weeks ago I made a surf stop on a trip to S.C. a break they called the washout. The surf was tiny warm water and crowded lineup, and there was a nut job standing knee deep in water fishing right next to the jetty! After an hour in the water I saw a dorsal fin, didnít think much of it. Few minutes after that I felt something bump the bottom of my board, freaked me out and i started to paddle to shore, on the way in a 3-4ft (I'm guessing nurse shark) jumped on top of my board flailed around and then left me alone... I didnít take my chances; I was done for the day.

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    The last couple years I had alot of action out there.I wasn't surfing but saw a whale off Avon last year.I saw dolphins while surfing last year.This past January I had 2 different seal encounters and I believe 1 small shark encounter off Sandy Hook last year.Its pretty cool when your just chiilin out there and something you don't expect pops up near you.
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