what up guys, i just moved to CB about a week ago. ive been surfing out in front of my place (between the Mariot hotel and the north fishing pier) pretty much everyday and havent seen too many people out there, i guess cause its been pretty flat the last few days. anyway on falt days ill be out on a big banana looking yellow longboard and if its good ill be out on my shortboard getting my ass kicked.

i havent been surfing for long so im no good at shortboarding and still a kook but not bad on the longboard so if anybody is looking for someone to surf with hit me up. im down to surf whenever and would like to learn a little more about different spots on the island so im down to drive around some too.

ive been skimboarding longer than surfing so if anyones down to skim hit me up too. the beach is super flat by me but maybe theres some better skim spots elsewhere along the island. anyway, talk to you guys soon and send me a pm if you wanna meet up or something