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    Any Coast Guard Reserves?

    So, I am heading to meet with the recruiter tomorrow to discuss possibly joining the Coast Guard Reserves. Been weighing the pros and cons for a few weeks now and am at the point where I could use some outsider input. Asked friends, family, and girlfriend what they thought yet, I feel like its not an unbias opinion when your dealing with people close to you. Im just wondering if anyone on here has any experience in the coast guard, as an enlistee or reservist. What is it like? How much time is expected of you as a reservist? What you liked the best/worst? Etc. I really just want to hear your honest opinions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I was gonna join years ago. I talked to a recruiter, but just stopped following up on it. That was 2003, and it was only two months after the war started in Iraq, so a lot of people really wanted in the coast guard for fear of being sent out to Afghanistan, or Iraq had that enlisted in the Army, or Navy. Looking back on it I don't know if it would have been so good for me, because from what they told me, and from people I have met who were in it is they move you around every few years. I like to travel, but I wouldn't wanna move all around the country every few years. I really did like the idea of working in,and around the water.