Just a bit too small for me.

Dewey Weber "professional" model

Never waxed

9'2" x 23 3/8" x 3 1/8"

Coke Bottle green tint

The Professional is a special edition that was originally released in 1968, this was the most progressive longboard of the 60's era. It is a soft "step deck," which differed from the more radical step decks being produced at the time. The flex in this deck enhances the nose riding capabilities by subtly moving the center of gravity aft without creating drag or detracting from the turning potential. It exemplifies the first use of tail lift and a reverse rail line in surfboard design. The Professional includes a T band stringer with black wedge glue lines. Coke bottle green tint with volan & volan deck patch.

Check out the Weber site...retails for $1300