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    Feb 2009
    Virginia Beach

    When surf isn't up

    Since i live on the East Coast....we're bound to have massive flat spells. Kinda like the one we're in now lol. but i wanna start Skating at our local skate bowl, and i'm sketched cuz i don't wanna be that Noob that doesn't know what he's doing. From what i hear it's harsher at the skate parks than it is in the water for people that just started. I consider myself a pretty good surfer and i ride my longboard around, but i've never done a skate bowl.

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    do you live in OCMD?

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    Apr 2009
    long branch
    bowl is so much fun, if you're in the area go to the long branch skate park, the bowl there is sick

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    Aug 2008
    ocmd- Los Angeles


    skateparks can be harsh, i grew up skating ocean bowl in ocmd before i ever got in to surfing. my best advice is to go at a time when the park is least crowded, like early morning or late afternoon in the summer, and during school hours the rest of the year. if you wanna skate pools get a wider board with some big wheels, at least 55 mm. first make sure there is no one skating the pool, go to the bottom of the pool and start pumping around it, and try work your way up higher and higher up the tranny and before you know it you"ll be dropping in and shredding and you wont have to worry about any skate punks.

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    under the pier
    man i live in va beach and skate the parks all the time , and the dudes there are cool as hell never had any problem . the plaze is really fun its all cement and you can just pump though the whole the thing kinda far from the ocean front , just watch out for the bikers , but the only problem with the summer time is the crowds trashmore can get stupid crazy when its not 100 degrees out , but if you have money go build your own mini or just skate to wrv and use theres