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    West Coast Break Info?

    just decided to join the forum cause I moved here from the other coast of Florida for work. Without too much harsh criticism, I was hoping someone could help shine some light on West Coast surfing around the bay area. where are the most surfable beachs, indian rocks area? and how consistent do you get waves here? much appreciated, just trying to get an idea of how hard up i will be to surf

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    West Coast

    I grew up surfing the gulf, lived in Encinitas for 20 years then moved back for business so I feel your pain. The best waves are hurricane season - now. From north to south, Uphams in ST Pete Beach area is OK various other beach breaks all so so, Bradenton has Beach/White street on Anna Maria that is shallow and good break, Lido can break but rare, Turtle Beach on Siesta is beast on North swell but can get good, Crescent is worth a look on a south swell, then on to Venice and the Jetty North for south swell, South for north swell. Further south check Manasota Bewach which breaks. Remember most of these places have waves for only a few hours or a couple days best case. I must say one thing though - when the waves break here they can have much better shape than most east coast spots. Good luck and stay aloha in the water.


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    thanks Jay, appreciate the wealth of knowledge and your honest feedback. I lived in the panhandle for 4 years and surfed all over there. i can agree that some of the best waves i have surfed were in the gulf, largely due to the different shelfs, shore directions, and coastal features. i look forward to getting out there, and may even try to paddle out this week to get wet