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    Question Feedback on Mike Stewart Science 2010 1 LTD Bodyboard

    Anyone have one of these or ridden one? What do you think? How are they in cold water? They look sick.

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    SO far so good. I bought one back in August but only till recently have been able to ride and it in Earl and Igor. No gimmicks with this board, it is what it is. I'll let you know how it goes this winter.

  3. I beleive they run a little thinner than most boards . so as long as ur not a heavy stocky dude, you should be good. I mean it's sick ****ing board, but i think it's best suited for skinny, lanky, slim fit dudes.
    I got my lil bro a BZ Hubb and that **** is much thicker and a lot more buoyant. there are times where im paddling like crazy, and i miss the wave.... ot her than it's great.... I mite be looking at TURBO for my future board.