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    Surfing/bodyboarding in the Rockaways or Cherry Grove/Fire Island?

    Hey all!
    I am new to the forum and still pretty new to surfing in the NYC area. I am hoping to make some connections on here in terms of transportation.
    I am a beginner at both surfing and bodyboarding. I've taken a surfing lesson and went out by myself once pretty successfully but bad waves that day, so didn't really catch anything. I'm still having problems with knowing a good wave and paddling into it.
    I own a bodyboard and have taken it to Cherry Grove, Fire Island, and also went bodyboarding there last year. I would love to be able to surf more often, but without a car it is tough, and renting can be when they rent out quickly in the morning. I'd love to make friends with some car owners perhaps or form some sort of community to rent cars together on weekends. I would potentially buy a surfboard if I had some guarantee of consistency to go every season, but would also love it if I could use someone else's board, if there are any extras, or perhaps someone knows of a shop that rents boards that does not rent out super fast. If you have any other recommendations as to where I can make contacts in the surfing community around nyc, please let me know.

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    This is what your looking for..

    NYC surf community that helps people share rides and etc.

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    Sweet! Nice to know someone already thought of this. I thought there has to be a community, it's NYC after all.. Thanks so much. I'm signing up right now.

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    Although... This requires you have your own board. If anyone reads this who may have an extra one that's good for a learner, let me know. I'd love to tag along, I can paddle out fine, am in good shape and a good swimmer. Don't need babysitting!