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    Swell Exposure: New Photography Company!


    Just started up a new Midatlantic, Jersey and New York photography company located at:

    We'd love for you to add us on facebook and follow us on twitter... either way gives the most recent update news for when we post a new gallery.

    Currently we have boat loads of photos from OC, MD and New Jersey that need uploading and will update you all when those are up...

    This Saturday or Sunday we may be shooting as well depending on the conditions so look out for us! Come up and talk to my girlfriend if you see her taking pictures of you, chances are they'll show up on the site!

    Any feedback would be most appreciated, thanks!

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    I like your stuff! Keep up the work! Youll get an add on Facebook

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    deff. w/ what surfde said...keep up the good work! but i will suggest that you maybe think about moving your watermark someplace a little more inconspicuous. it's kind of distracting, right there in the center of the photo. bottom left or right would be my suggestion.
    great shots, tho!

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    You know what I dont' understand about photographers and surfers????

    You see these guys or gals with these big ass, nice camera's taking pics of everyone and getting good shots I suppose, but they never capitalize on it. If I could make 1 suggestion to anyone doing what swell exposure is doing, it is this:


    Not everyone has the forwardness to ask someone what theyr'e doing. If you put up a sign, I gauruntee everyone that was out that day will go on your website to see if there's a pic of themselves. They will then buy it. How often do you actually get a sweet pic of yourself. I would buy it if I saw myself on there. Most guys and gals on here would do the same. Give it a try. That's what they do at those resorts in the islands. They go around takin your damn pic all day and hope you buy it. Why not fuze art with a way to make a little change for yourself.

    Sweet pics btw. And I agree, you gotta move that watermark to the corner. I'll friend ya' on facebook.

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    Thanks! Working on changing the watermark, I agree it seems a bit distracting.

    JohnnyD that's a great idea but lugging a sign around while walking to follow paddling surfers to different peaks isn't the most practical thing... we're working on a t-shirt with our logo etc... and some sort of neon hat, hahaha just kidding about the hat, but the t-shirt might do the trick, what do you think?

    We appreciate feedback! Keep it coming! Any other suggestions more than welcome.

    Let us know where you're going to be this weekend (if you're comfortable 'exposing' your spot) and we'll try to get there!

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    I added ya on FB . Far was wanting a sign up I wouldnt recomend that either. There use to be a fella that would photgraph on the weekends in Wildwood & Cape May. If he got some good shots of you he would just walk u to you as you were getting outa the water and let you know and give you his website if you didnt already have it . Also if you post on site like this about where you were or going during a swell people would know to look for ya and it will give you something to shoot aswell

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    Thanks for all the advice, it's great to hear what people think.

    Here's our direct link to Facebook:!/...3013816?ref=ts

    And to Twitter:

    Here's hoping for some swell this weekend...

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    New Gallery Update!

    Ocean City, MD from 07-29-2010

    Check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swell Exposure View Post
    New Gallery Update!

    Ocean City, MD from 07-29-2010

    Check it out!
    Wow, you can shoot into the future too???? Guessing you mean 6/29?

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    Hahahaha, yeah, we're not quite that good ... yet.

    Definitely June 29th. But we'll try to make it out July 29th too, just to make good on our earlier announcement.