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Thread: Shark Encounter

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    Shark Encounter

    After a long time away from surfing, I started again last year with my 15 year old son, and we've been having a blast. I was lucky to find Swell Info as we live 40 minuets from the coast and the swell reports are great. Today I have a story to share.
    We got to Lavallette at about 5;30 this morning, and a fisherman let us know that he
    had seen something large in the surf, but was unsure of what it was. We have been seeing lots of Dolphin over the last few months, so figured it for a Dolphin.
    We were in the water for over an hour and the same fisherman kept waving his arms and pointing. I would look, unfortunately almost into the sun, didn't see anything, figured it for a Dolphin and kept surfing the best waves we've seen in weeks.
    Finally I heard my son and his friend scream and head for shore in quite a hurry, just as they have done in the last couple of months when Dolphin have come close to us, so I figured it for a Dolphin.
    After another ride I noticed my son, his friend, and the fisherman jumping up
    and down on the beach and pointing to my right. I squinted into the sun and saw, about
    20 yards away, a fairly large gray dorsal, followed by the gray tail-fin with a black tip going slowly
    side to side...a Shark.
    As I started to paddle in it circled around between me and the beach, and came up my
    left side about 8' away heading in the opposite direction and I got a close look at a 6-7'
    shark with a black tipped tail.
    After making it in, the fisherman said that earlier he saw the shark head right for me, go under me, and then resurface on the other side, and I never saw a thing.
    Afterward I suggested to the boys that we head down the coast to Seaside and try it there, but they were having none of that, I hope I can get them back in the water tomorrow.
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    Good Idea

    This story is the best way to reduce the crowded line-up's.

    CORRECTION: A shark was spotted in Seaside!
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    Wow. Nice story. I would chalk that up to good kharma. He was just checking you out. If you were in any real danger, he would have taken a nice chunk out of you and your board, rather than checking you out. At least its a shark story with a happy ending. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing positive about encountering sharks in the ocean, but you have witnessed something that most of the world will never come close to. Another kink in the armor.

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    Whoa, quite the story to tell. Hope you can get your boys back out in the water. Glad to hear the happy ending, always a plus.

  5. actually no there was a shark in lavallette. twice actually. the first was off of philadelphia ave and the second trenton. i saw the one off trenton because i happen to live and surf there. good try

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    Quote Originally Posted by notjamee View Post
    actually no there was a shark in lavallette. twice actually. the first was off of philadelphia ave and the second trenton. i saw the one off trenton because i happen to live and surf there. good try
    Oh I'm sorry I completely forgot the ocean isn't actually connected. My bad. So, I suppose that would make it physically impossible for me to for me to have spotted a shark in Midway when clearly they were stuck in Lavallette. I really shouldn't have said anything because I don't live on or surf that specific spot in Lava. I bow to your infinite wisdom.

    Oh wait I really did see two sharks about six foot and it was terrifying. You can go ask the beach patrol if that would bring some closure to your tormented mind.
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    Pretty cool story.Its a very humbling experience.Although shark attacks are rare in this area you never know.Its hard to believe that the idea of jaws actually came from N.J..Glad you made it a shore.

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    I wanna call BS on this. Seriously, he joined the site today, I was a few blocks down from Lavalette at 6 in the morning and saw nothing like this.

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    I'm fifty years old, and don't need to BS a bunch of guys on a forum.
    Believe what you like.
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    I believe him. If hes making it up hes a fuc**** ass****!