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Thread: Shark Encounter

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    I saw something similar but i just thought it was a dolphin. I was in Deal tuesday and it was rite off the jetty, It didnt look that big though. As far as sharks go I've been hearing a lot of reports of thresher sharks locally brought in by the same good conditions that brought in all the stripers this year. Ive been pretty nervous about them when I've been spearfishing lately although I know they don't pose much of a threat to us. I still wouldn't want to see one swimming up to me in the water whether Im on a board or carrying a spear gun.

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    this is legit i would have to say. this was the first thing i was thinking of, and wondering if anything had been posted about it on here before i got on. my buddy did a morning session in seaside park this morning, and spotted one, and then another guy told him he spotted it up towards ortley. this is unusual. i haven't heard of any sharks on the jersey coast since 01, but i'm sure there could have been some out there since. i remember the water being way warmer that year. i mean it had to be 70 at manasquan inlet by the 1st of june that year. i was trunking it by mid may, and would drive down every day after work. that was back when i was still living in north jersey up home in bergen county. that was the summer that they had all kins of shark attacks across the east coast. in virginia beach, and north carolina.

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    Cool calm down, sistah....2009 report....

    Following recent trends, Florida again had most of the unprovoked attacks in the United States. The total of 32 attacks was equal to the 32 reported in 2007. a reversion to comparable yearly levels occurring earlier in the decade prior to a 2004-2006 three-year decline. Additional U.S. attacks were recorded in Hawaii (2), South Carolina (3), North Carolina (3), and California (1). Within Florida, Volusia County had the most incidents (22), the highest total since 2001 (22). This area normally has higher numbers of shark-human interactions as a result of very high aquatic recreational utilization of its attractive waters by both Florida residents and tourists, especially surfers. Other Florida areas having attacks in 2008 were Brevard (4), and Lee, Nassau, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and St. Johns counties (one each).

    Surfers/windsurfers (56.6% of cases with victim activity information) and swimmers/waders (35.8%) and were the recreational user groups most often involved in shark attacks in 2008. Less affected were snorkelers (7.6%).

    Despite continued human population growth and increased interest in aquatic recreation, the number of shark attacks has generally leveled off, averaging 63 per year worldwide since reaching a high of 79 in 2000.

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    The story is true. It was a Thresher Shark. It was confirmed by a bunch of surfers in Lavallette who moved to the beach I was on to get away from it. A fisherman hooked the shark on Brown Ave. They are pretty much harmless. Another Thresher was hooked off the pier in Seaside yesterday. Bigger than the one in Lava.

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    I think you're right on the species. We have a close friend who's a marine biologist
    at Rutgers. She was over here with a bunch of books soon after we got home trying
    to identify what it was. She had decided that it was probably a bull shark. But I kept
    telling her that the tip of the tail was thin at the top. From the pictures I've seen of the
    thresher tail, it had to be.

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    Shark Encounter

    ...WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! DON"T GO IN THE WATER!!!! (but man, trunkin' it was pretty cool this weekend - love the warm water!) ... but if you're thinking about going out, DON"T GO IN THE WATER!!!!! .....WE"RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! (from something... eventually...!)
    SAFETY TIP: don't forget the lesson we all learned from Steve Irwin - don't pick up sting rays and let them sting you in the chest!

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    Talking good one, salt man

    SAFETY TIP: don't forget the lesson we all learned from Steve Irwin - don't pick up sting rays and let them sting you in the chest!

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    saw a pod of dolphin riding the waves in on Saturday and breaching out past the break. They're pretty big.

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    I was surfing North End of Brigantine yesterday. I was pretty far out cuz i was ridding a longboard, but i def saw a 4 ft either sand or bull shark. it was a lil scary..

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    Chronicle of the the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916....

    ...Close to Shore: A True Story of Terror in an Age of Innoncence, Author: Micheal Capuzzo