These boards are both great boards! My problem is that I need a 6'1" desperately. Message me your number for pictures. Theres no doubt that these boards shred.

Here's proof- 5'6"!/photo.php...9&id=715763169

And the 6'3"-!/

The Lost... Mayhem PsychoWard 6'3" is a good board for when the waves get bigger. -Squash tail thruster-Nose Guard+Trac Pad

The SharpEye Mini Fun Fish 5'6" is a quad with a round tail that I've had for one year, but since I live in New Jersey only for the summer I've only taken the board out not even 30 times if I were to take a guess. This board is great for trying to boost airs, and if you have kids you should be even more interested because the board is made for kids to ride, or for a normal surfer to use in smaller/medium sized conditions.

Please message me for pictures! The boards are great, I just need my JS 6'1" because that's my go-to board in CA.

I am willing to negotiate on prices, especially if you want both boards! I will cut you a better deal if you take both.

If you are interested, message me and I will send you pictures- we can work something out!

Thanks, ocnj&socal