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Thread: Body glove fin

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    Body glove fin

    Anyone own a pair of bodyglove/laguna neoprene swim fins? I tried them on and there the most comfortable fins I've ever seen. I have a horrible time trying to find a comfortable fin and I'm probably going to buy a pair soon. I love the adjustable instep and back adjustment. Anyone know how durable they are?

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    I've never heard much about those Laguna fins, except that they're comfortable. Haven't tried them myself.

    Kicks fins are really comfortable, they've got a thin, stretchy heel strap and a soft foot pocket, that's what I've been using for the last couple of years.

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    laguna fins

    Laguna fins were my first fins, and I still have them, and love them... the back strap is adjustable, and so therefore I use them for cold water days, can fit 5mm socks in them. I did buy a pair of Pod 2's which I also like, very comfortable as well, my main concern. The only slight drawback of the Laguna fins is that they are not real stiff, so not alot of propulsion but OK in small/average waves... I recommend them highly!