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    i'm not generalizing all longboarders because many are skilled its just all the guys on liquid shredder rentals are dangerous and i feel they would be safer on a shortboard. I know its harder to learn on a shortboaord but it is safer to ditch if they put nose guards on for rentals

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    Communication is the key...

    Common sense ain't common.

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    who is going to pay the guy his 75 grand , i know if i was sued there is no way im coming up with and extra 75 grand they going to put him on a payment plan?

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    no way

    there is no way that nate is gonna have to pay 75 thousand. the guy sueing is mad illegitimate. and this is just some sleez ball trying to make money off of some grom. nate doesnt have 75 grand and doenst need 75 grand because the guy who is sueing is full of lies. and that article has many fallacies.

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    just another day at the beach

    I think the whole situation from the lawsuit to the kooked out citizen comments is just VB.
    Thats what it is like there. Tiny surfing zones, overzealous beachgoers...overzealous surfers on tiny waves, on even bigger boards. Then not to wear a leash in those conditions? If you were going to get sued for a surfing injury, it would be in VB, and you wouldnt be wearing a leash. Im not surprised about the negative comments towards surfers in general. Its VB, did you think the kooks would only be in the water?

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    Good call...VB sucks for those very reasons. Who has ever heard of a self proclaimed surf town that is SO unfriendly to surfers. Solid shredders abound at the best bars but also alot of kooks....its the 27th largest metropolitan area in the US. Over the years I got the leash law ticket (not even in the water)...surfing in a restricted area. Solution? I propose the Micronesia model based on my current residency. Remove ALL surfing restrictions and implement Aikido dojos. I never have wear a leash ...cept when its the smart thing to do. Every village has an Aikido dojo and everybody knows it. Many white people are scared to surf certain spots (yes there's a few for me too)...beginners know where they are not welcome and the reef takes care of the rest. Since the rest of my proposal is ludicrous... VB must also put an artificial reef out to beef up the swells fro the shredders and punish the kooks. Problem solved.