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    longisland surf trip

    hey guys, me and my buddies are heading up to montauk longisland. were from wrightsville beach and were staying up in montauk for a week. Should we bring tops? wetsuits? idk how cold its going to be. anyone help?

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    def. bring a wetsuit... if you have a short sleeve full that'd be great just in case there's some upwelling. maybe a top if you go real early too.. most are wearing trunks right now but its not nearly as warm water wise as down there... the only time i trunk it during the year is when i'm down on topsail island down by u... i hate being cold

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    You absolutely do not need a 3/2 this time of the year, especially the way this year has gone. I actually live in WB during hte school year, from Long Beach, NY. The water this year has been hovering around 78-79 degrees in JUNE/JULY which is EXTREMELY rare on the west side of the island, more around 76 towards the east end. The absolutely most you'll need is a top. The air temps have been steady 80+, even out east. 93 here today, hotter tomorrow.

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    boardshorts and rasheey...hottest year on record...

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    the water is so warm that bull sharks have been spotted.

    if you're going out midday, make sure to wear one of those UV tops though. sunscreen can't be trusted in the water for too long.

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    you don't really need a 3/2 fullsuit during the day. but in the morning it is usually necessary. But during the day a rashguard and boardshorts is usually fine.