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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeroevol View Post
    Oh my god, I just heard the Jersey Devil and The Chupacabra were seen swimming laps together off of Seaside. Stay out of the water!
    Yup, out fear that a hurricane might blanket Puerto Rico with oil; the chupacabra has decided to relocate to Jersey until things clear up.

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    It is the 20th anniversery of Jaws... I guess it is a wild rumor. Frickin funny lines here though. Jersey Devil! Damn, thought I saw him at the bar too... or was it a her?

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    I heard manbearpig was swimming in Manasquan inlet!

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    I saw Al Gore looking for him at the Shrimp Box over in PPB!!

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    I also heard the Chupacabra has a gamling problem! Not only will you see him in the line up, but he will prob be at the Trump! HA HA HA, Manbearpig.... haven't heard that one in a while!

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    the loch ness monster dinged my board

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    how convenient

    we don't even need to start bs threads about shark threats to keep people out of the line-up, the media is doing it for us!!

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    I can confirm the note about the chupacabra moving north. Many tasty jersey morsels they were told.

    Yes, there are great whites in Seaside. This guy survived:

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    It is not Jaws that we have to worry about, but the jaws of industry.

    Elvis sold my quiver for crystal meth... frickin d ball