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Thread: Taking off Fins

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    Taking off Fins

    I just got a new pair of future fins today, and was about to go out this afternoon, but i ran into a little bit of trouble. i can't for the life of me get my old fins out of my board. i haven't taken then out in a year or so and im guessing theres a lot of salt build up in the crevasses. anyone know a way i can get them out? its really annoying me right now

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    back the grub screw out, wrap the fin w/ a thick cloth & take a whack at it w/ a plastic mallet or something similar.

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    Another trick: Soak the fin boxes down with soapy water first. Use something like dish soap and make the water soapy enough so that it is slick between your fingers. It will help lubricate the box. Then, like suggested, try some gentle taps with a rubber mallet.

    You can also try laying a piece of wood across the box to use as a fulcrum for prying the fin up with a screwdriver. (*Don't* stick a screwdriver underneath and pry against the bottom of the box!) But the mallet and the lube job should do the trick.

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    Can you soak it in hot soapy water to maybe loosen some of the salt? Maybe in a bathtub?? Just an idea.... Good luck!

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    wack it!

    Be resourceful,and careful. i have used flimsy water bottle full of air and just wack in different directions. use what ever. once you get one out it seams like the others come out once you get down the motion. its less about force and more about direction i think.

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    Flex it back gently side-to-side before you tap. Protect the fin with cloth. Use the least force possible to get the job done. Wax the base of your new fins before you install them to prevent this from happening again.