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    Hanging a surfboard from the ceiling

    Anyone whip up a contraption to hang a surfboard along the ceiling? I'd like it to be close along the ceiling and not hanging too far down.

    Note -- this is for out of the way storage, not for permanent decoration.

    I was thinking maybe chain hung from joists with foam padded pvc horizontals.

    Or maybe big eye hooks in the joists with rope serving as horizontal cradles or maybe bungee cords.

    Any other ideas?

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    Rope is cheap and easy!

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    I like the rope idea.

    I screwed in two 2x4s along two walls of my room, and placed 2x4s on top of them so the cross the room about a foot and a half from the ceiling, and have 4 surfboards resting on them. Stapled ripped up towels around the 2x4s so they don't ding the boards. It works great, and looks pretty cool, but there are a ton of holes in the walls now, and it doesn't make sense for 1 board.

    I've also used nylon straps simply screwed into the ceiling in the past but that's a bad idea as the nylon frays and the board eventually fell 10 feet to a tile floor.