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    Question South Swells - Second Wave in Set is Bigger?

    It seems to me that whenever there's a south swell in so cal the second wave of the set is always bigger then the first. Is there a reason for this or is just me being crazy?

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    your craziness aside....

    i agree... logically, mathematically, it's a bell curve, with the apex in the middle of the set. it seems a pattern of a dead spot, then the set comes in with a 80% or so wave then a series (1-5 or so) of full size for that day...then a couple 60%ers, then the lull again. if you've been waiting long for the next set, it seems almost like it is tricking you into falling for the second best, and as you try to paddle back out and you see the big ones rolling in that you have to duck through, you realize you shoulda waited...BUT you know it does clear out a lot of folks who all get outa position or get swept in with that first wave and leave the next couple of rollers with a lot fewer in competition for that sweet spot....


    come to think of it, that first wave of the set IS the best EVER.....but hey...i'm a nice guy...go ahead and take that first one, and i'll wait for the next one...

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