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    August Trip to Nicaragua

    Ok, so I decided to switch my plans for Nicaragua and I'm just looking for the best least known spots. I'm thinking about staying in Popoyo (well known, I know) since there are apparently a lot of break around the area. Any suggestions?

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    I stayed in Rancho Santana for a month last summer and enjoyed the waves the area has to offer. Popoyo is a super fun wave but deff. has its crowds. Rancho Santana beach break which is about a 30 minute walk south from popoyo is a really fun wave but can get somewhat crowded as well. The good thing about santana is there is no "central" takeoff zone like popoyo, so things spread out a little. The area is amazing and the locals are really friendly as long as your respectful. If you have any questions, let me know.



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    Nicaragua surf spots and accommodations

    A great place to stay on Nica's SW coast is The Surf Sanctuary - I have a house there for rent: On-site cantina with excellent food; cold beer; drinks; and you can walk out to 'Santanas'. Popoyo's Reef is probably a 45-50 minute walk but driven in about 15 minutes. Other breaks are close by and The Sanctuary folks have a panga for fishing and accessing some of the more remote surf spots. Suerte!

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    Pacific Surf Nicaragua

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    Let me step in here and suggest a little known place that has access to little know surf spots and is the gateway to boat surfing in Southern Nicaragua. Hook up with a fisherman for a cheap ride to spots you can't drive or walk to. There is one hospedaje to stay in ( I'm not connected in any way)
    several restaurants and you'll get a chance to speak some Spanish as it is a little Nicaraguan fishing village not an international known gated community.
    Playa Gigante. I sailed in to the bay in 1978 when most of you were still chewing furniture. It is on the way to Popoyo and much closer to Rivas. Stop in and enjoy off the beaten track. You have to walk past several unnamed surfspots to get to Rio Colorados.
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    beat the crowds in popoyo

    if you wanna go to that area which is the best in nica then go to surfaricharters. i have stayed with them 4 times and 90% of my sessions have been myself my brother and the guide. they have been there since 2002 and know where to take you. check the website to see what they are about if you choose to stay with them you wont be disappointed. they take care of all your transportation to and from airport surf spots fishing every other day surfing secret spots uncrowded perfection! all you can eat and drink cervesas and flor de cana and really do take care of you. check out their website. like i said i have stayed with them four times, surfed mostly by myself in world class breaks, all around popoyo and santana, and some other lesser known spots and never surfed a wave smaller than chest high.