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Thread: Board off Roof

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    Board off Roof

    So one of my roof rack crossbars came loose and my board flew off of my roof when i was going about 50 or so. I slammed on the breaks and now i have some pretty bad dings and on the tail. I dont know what to call it but its like i can see the glass layer "chilling" and the foam layer underneath. Its a FCD epoxy board. Any ideas for repairs??? Also anyone else have any horror stories of boards flying off. I feel lucky it just dragged because of the leash and that it didnt hit another car.

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    I had 4 boards fly off on the tunnel bridge on the way to hatteras one time. somebody on a boat got lucky that day!

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    Argh! I think you board flying off your roof is worse than snapping it in the water! Probably because the snap is instant and when it flys off of your roof, slow motion takes affect as you watch it in your rear view mirror spinning to its death.... I have only had this happen once to me. My front rack strap broke. The rack came off with the board so it brought it down quickly and on the side of the road in the grass. I lucked out with only a minor crack on the corner of the tail. Also glad it did not hit another car and hurt someone else. I am sure you are going to get some good stories with this thread!!

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    I lost a long board off the roof on NJ Parkway on a late Sunday afternoon. Flew over 200 yards, but never hit a car. Landed right on the white lines.

    Worst part was running out into 4 lanes of oncoming traffic to grab it. Few scratches (the board) and a ground down fin. After I got off the road a Trooper came over and bawled me out for 15 minutes.

    Still ride the board!

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    That sucks but at least its fixable... I can't believe a fiberglass board could fly off the roof of a car and survive, but it looks like a few have by reading these posts.

    The other night, around sunset I was standing a step in the bus lane in OCMD with my boy getting ready to cross the street. I was drunk, really drunk. Anyway, a little compact car flys by going about 60mph with a longboard hanging about 3 feet out of the back window, stowed sideways in the back seat. The nose came within inches of slicing my stomach open... gotta love summertime. Idiots like that deserve a broken board and if I would have seen him coming I would have smashed the thing with my 22 ouncer.
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    that's why I put my passenger seat down and sit 'er right next to me riding shotgun...

    BTW: if your board flies off and hits a car and damages it or causes an accident you are liable.

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    i was driving the other day with mya longboard diagonal in the back of my pickup and a 5-gallon water jug behind it (for washing off after session). i had to gun it to get into traffic, and the water jug actually slid into (and broke) the bungee cord holding my board in. looked out the rearview mirror to see the longboard and water jug bouncing down the road. got a week-end worth of repairs ahead of me (the tail is ground off and the rails took some dings) but the board is gonna be fine.

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    Angry Is there anyone sane here?

    Folks, instead of whining about the scratches on your boards flown off your car roof, imagine this:
    You are driving on a 4-lane highway at your typical 70 mph in a dense flow. All of a sudden you see a 7-8ft surfboard flies off a car in front of you crashes right into your windshield. In a fraction of a second - anything from you unconscious in the woods to multi-car fatal accident. All this because some idiot with a butt in place of his head does not know how to tie down a board or to install the roof rack properly.

    And wallysurf is right - that idiot is liable, not limited to a 15 minute bawl out from a trooper...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelwave42 View Post
    The nose came within inches of slicing my stomach open... gotta love summertime..
    True story... a tourist was driving a rented car with a longboard sticking out the side window down an narrow Nantucket street. The board hit a kid on a bike and severed and broke the his neck. The kid died before he got to the emergency room.

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    I forgot to tie my board on one night after transferring it from a friends car to mine at their house, and luckily the board bag string caught on my roof rack, and it just flung around on the roof some. Broke 3 inches off the nose, and broke the epoxy 1 1/2 inches in another place. I check the boards all the time now. If I hear anything I stop and check. .