hey man, im not the kind to drop in on people or anything i just think its really rude... i always just back off you know, but i started surfing by myself in daytona beach after my dad decided surfing wasnt his thing anymore. and i never had any problems there, i came across a couple of guys that were not the friendliest so i just moved down the beach, but most of my time surfing has been in the OBX near rodanthe so the water is always open there. and the people who surf there are really chill. ive surfed va beach and ocean city and the bigger the city the meaner it gets. ocean city is not that bad i made friends, and people cheer you on especially if you are on dawn patroll before the lifegaurds come. i just reccomend trying to stay clear of the jerks, its not worth your time to deal with them, just focus on learning because surfing is so rewarding... but if your new and dont have someone there with you teaching you or your not a hot girl, dont go surf va beach... there is a group of like 6 guys that are total jerks. and they almost got in a fight with one of my friends... i just stay away. good luck though